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Integrated diagnostic system for measuring the levels of liver fibrosis and fatty liver - provides the evaluation solution for liver fibrosis and fatty degeneration of liver.

The system has been approved by FDA, CFDA, ISO13485 and CE. There have been 26 patents granted as of today.
This technology has been widely accepted by :
European Association for the Study of the Liver
American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases
Asian-Pacific Association for the Study of the Liver
Chinese Society of Hepatology

Newer, Safer, and Cost-efficient

Liver biopsy has been the “gold standard” for liver fibrosis/cirrhosis diagnosis. However, recent research have developed a new technology to produce a completely non-invasive detection instrument for evaluation of liver conditions. All of following information will be provided by FibroTouch: 

 Liver fibrosis: quantitative results of liver fibrosis level.

 Fatty liver: quantitative fatty degeneration result of liver.


Product Code:  FT100

Patented Technology

FibroTouch applies the patented new transient elastography technology that has been honored as one of 20 biotechnical breakthroughs changing the medical science, including cancer salvia test and nerve reproducer, by Popular Mechanics.

Innovative Technology

Transient elastography utilizes specific probes to send out the fixed low-frequency shear wave for transient and active excitation on liver tissues and high-frequency signals to track the propagation of shear wave in the liver and calculate the propagation speed in order to obtain the value of liver stiffness. 

Meanwhile a patented algorithm and a built-in fat attenuation model are used to drive the signal attenuation coefficient of liver according to attenuation of high-frequency signal propagating in the liver. 


Diagnosis & Monitoring Of Liver Diseases

1. Chronic hepatitis B
2. Chronic hepatitis C
3. Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
4. Liver diseases caused by parasitic infection
5. Biliary tract disease
6. Alcoholic liver disease caused by chronic ethanol
7. Liver damages caused by long-term medication
8. Biliary cirrhosis caused by long-term smoking

Diverse array of functions

1. To scan liver conditions of the general public.
2. To measure the liver fibrosis level of patients with chronic liver diseases quickly.
3. To track the treatment process of chronic liver diseases.
4. To predict complications of liver cirrhosis.
5. To evaluate liver damages caused by long-term medication.
6. To evaluate liver damages caused by metabolic diseases, such as diabetes, hypertension and hyperlipidemia.

FibroTouch® produces a graph that reflects the respective stages of liver fibrosis to the disease cause.


1. Quicker patented transient elastography

> Improved computational accuracy

> Reduced time of liver fibrosis tests

> Shortens the working hours of medical professionals

> Increased number of patients tested in unit time.

2. More accurate positioning and determination of liver tissues.

> Applies image guidance to position liver tissues to be tested accurately

> Evades great vessels, cysts and nodules

> Improve the success rate and precision rate of liver fiber detection

3. Comprehensive display of liver fibrosis measurements and degeneration parameters

> Tracks the energy attenuation of signal propagation through the liver, then calculating the signal attenuation coefficient of liver sample. The results provide quantitative data for liver degeneration and liver fibrosis in 1 testing

4. Dynamic broadband probe

> The innovative dynamic broadband probe reduces the signal attenuation caused by subcutaneous fat effectively. So, it is dynamically adaptive to children, the general public and obese patients without replacement of probes. Additionally, preventing the uncertainty arising from replacement probes.

> The built-in dynamic pressure balance sensing technology can indicate the probe pressure directly, which guarantees the operating accuracy and improving diagnostic precision.

5. Smart diagnostic software

> Operation interface is more suitable for operations by doctors

> Support medical digital imaging and DICOM 3.0 standard.

> Comprehensively manage and analyze patients’ data to track the case history of patient and support the doctor’s diagnosis in an all-around manner.

6. Ergonomic design

> The positioning device aided by multi-dimensional probe can support the working probe precisely and guarantee the consistency of operation.

> The unique pedal design frees hands and reduces the labor intensity of doctors.

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