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Hong Kong’s leading medical solutions specialist. 

Our medical products bridge the gap between the constant need for quality and the increasing demand for savings. Our MTI Health brand portfolio is a comprehensive offering of clinician-preference, cost-efficient products, and physician-preferred items with low clinical differentiation, helping providers improve the bottom line while delivering high-quality care. Because we work from the acute channel to the home, we’re uniquely positioned to stay ahead, finding product efficiencies that move care forward.

MTI Health Medical Distribution Solutions*

Take control of your supply chain with a strategic partner

Supply chain management for healthcare organizations has been catapulted into a role of even greater importance. And you’re called upon to be a strategic adviser in delivering value for your patients and bottom line. 

To be a strategic adviser, you need a strategic partner with the medical distribution solutions and visibility to elevate your supply chain and clinical performance. 

*Specific solution availability may vary by setting

MTI serves all healthcare sectors


The MTI Medical Distribution Solutions team has the strategic knowledge and expertise to understand what’s happening at critical points in the supply chain. We help find bottlenecks, find options and contingencies, and work proactively to prevent disruptions. That’s why we have been the medical supplies distributor and product partner of choice for the world’s biggest health systems for decades. Learn more about how our flexible range of offerings and capabilities helps you build a supply chain model for your medical supply distribution needs across all departments and sites of care (hospitals, laboratories, surgery centers and physician offices).

Our Partners

COVID-19 Message to our Medical Device and Lifesciences Colleagues

MTI Millennium is always open for business opportunities. We are discussing and starting new projects with a priority to COVID-19 related devices.

Our work with clients on ground breaking medical device and bio services projects continues with minimal disruption. We follow the World Health Organization’s (WHO) recommendations and standards of personal care and hygiene to minimize potential exposure. Measures include limiting all non-essential travel, working from home where possible, and implementing COVID-19 appropriate hygiene practices.

We encourage everyone to join us in helping prevent the spread of the virus and protect the health of all people. MTI Millennium is designed to work efficiently as a virtual team. 90% of our clients are located 100 plus miles from our offices.

Also like many of you, we have been figuring out how to meaningfully aid the COVID situation.  We are actively and rapidly working on addressing the potential ventilator shortage. In addition, our Bio Services group is involved in COVID assay technology.

Nova Bio-Sciences

At MTI Millennium, the healthcare sector has always been our area of expertise. And for that, we are excited to announce the launch of our latest subsidiary company: Nova Bio-Science. 

At Nova Bio-Science, health care is once again introduced at it’s most fundamental level. Whereas MTI Millennium carries out medical device distribution, its subsidiary will be running at full capacity to focus on one area: health and wellness products. We aim to produce the highest quality of products: from boosting brain health, empowering weight loss, tracking down the best all-natural products, to classic homeopathic remedies. 

The experts at Project Wellness are dedicated to researching and interpreting the latest natural health news and information about relevant medical studies and emerging science for our readers. It’s our mission to serve as your guide so you can make the most of the latest information coming from the world of natural health.